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Sunday, 18 August, 2019


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New 20 listing - Publications
Scholarena Journals     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (29th July, 2019)
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development     Journals     (12th May, 2019)
University of the Visayas Journal of Research     Journals     (14th February, 2019)
Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (17th December, 2018)
Journal of Integrated Health Sciences     Journals     (21st July, 2018)
Network Intelligence Studies     Journals     (7th July, 2018)
Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications     Journals     (24th May, 2018)
International Journal of Engineering Science Technology And Research (IJESTR)     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (12th April, 2018)
International Journal of Medical Science And Innovative Research (IJMSIR)     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (12th March, 2018)
International Journal of Research in Advanced Technology     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (19th February, 2018)
IJIRAE:: International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering     Journals     (25th January, 2018)
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Innovative Research & Development     Journals     (31st December, 2017)
Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences     Pharmaceutical Sciences     (29th November, 2017)
Engineering Journal Publication     Journals     (29th November, 2017)
International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology (IJISSET)     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (9th November, 2017)
JomardPublishing     Journals     (18th October, 2017)
International Journal of Recent Advancement in Engineering & Research     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (22nd August, 2017)
International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research     Journals »  Free Online Journals     (13th August, 2017)
Journal of Innovative Research and Development     Journals     (5th August, 2017)
International Scientific Research Organization Journal (ISROJ)     Journals     (4th July, 2017)

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