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Tuesday, 21 May, 2019


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Aerobus International, Inc. (Popularity: )
Makes large, collective, suspended, monorail train system, tracks supported by widely spaced cable suspension. Descriptions, photos, diagrams, video, history, installations, news, contacts, contacts.

Monorail Society (Popularity: )
All-volunteer organization founded to foster more awareness and promote this uniquely safe method of transit: not just for theme parks and zoos. Descriptions, diagrams, technical papers, news, videos, history, comparisons, ...

SkyTran (Popularity: )
Personal rapid transit that may go 100 mph and should cost less than roads or traditional fixed guideway rail systems.

The ALWEG Archives (Popularity: )
History of the ALWEG monorail system.

Walt's Toy Trains (Popularity: )
Some pictures of Disneyland monorails.

SwedeTrack System AB (Popularity: )
Makes FlyWay automated beamcarried traffic, of Sweden. Medium and large, collective, suspended vehicles, lower to the ground to avoid any need to build stations. Many descriptions, images, links. English, Svenska.

Chiba Monorail (Popularity: )
World's longest suspended monorail, built in 1988, 15.5km, 18 stations.

Kuala Lumpur Monorail (Popularity: )
Operating since 2003, 8.6km, 11 stations.

Hull Monorail (Popularity: )
Originally opened in 1995, this system will be expanded to 6km in 2004.

Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit (Popularity: )
A grassroots organization promoting Personal Rapid Transit

ACPRT (Popularity: )
promoting the design, installation, and operation of a Personal Rapid Transit system in the city of Austin, Texas.

RUF: Rapid Urban Flexible (Popularity: )
Proposed dual mode, hybrid 4 wheel road and monorail vehicles, car and bus, drive on and off roads and atop overhead tracks as needed.

Osaka Monorail (Popularity: )
Osaka's monorail operating since 1990, 23.8km, 16 stations.

TriTrack (Popularity: )
Proposed lightweight, dual mode, hybrid 3 wheel electric car/monorail: drives on and off roads and overhead tracks as needed. Road speed limited to non-lethal speed. Fiberglass body.

Monomobile: Electric Rail Car (Popularity: )
Proposed lightweight, dual mode, hybrid 4 wheel electric road and suspended monorail cars, drive on and off roads and atop overhead tracks as needed.

Las Vegas Monorail (Popularity: )
Originally opened in 1995, this system will be expanded to 6km in 2004.

Shonan Monorail (Popularity: )
Japan's first suspended monorail, built in 1970, 6.6km, 8 stations.

Tama Monorail (Popularity: )
Operating just outside Tokyo since 1997, 16km, 19 stations.

Taxi 2000 Corp. (Popularity: )
Proposed, prototyped system. Personal Rapid Transit article by Dr. J. Edward Anderson states design philosophy, economics, operation, optimization, potential. Descriptions, diagrams, photographs, videos, news, FAQs, links.

Records 1-19 of 19

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