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Monday, 9 December, 2019


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LINDO Optimization Modeling Tools (Popularity: )
Software for linear, integer and nonlinear optimization. LINDO supplies large scale solvers with links to Excel and database applications.

TOMLAB - Matlab Optimization (Popularity: )
For fast and robust large-scale optimization in Matlab with interfaces to CPLEX, Xpress, MINOS, SNOPT and support for problems formulated in AMPL.

MOSEK Optimization Tools (Popularity: )
Software for solution of linear and nonlinear convex programming problems.

GoVisual (Popularity: )
GoVisual-API is a library of layout algorithms that can be integrated into C++, .NET or Java applications. Includes advanced layout for UML diagrams and cluster diagrams.

aiSee Graph Layout Software (Popularity: )
aiSee automatically calculates a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL (graph description language). aiSee supports 15 basic graph layout algorithms, recursive subgraph nesting, fish-eye views and easy printing. It ...

GraphThing (Popularity: )
Tool for investigating Graph Theory, with a GTK interface. Free under GPL. Unix, source code in C++.

PIGALE - Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm Library and Editor (Popularity: )
PIGALE is a graph editor and an algorithm library essentially concerned with planar graphs. Written in C++ and interfaced with the Qt library, it is particularly intended for graph theoretical ...

Annas Graph (Popularity: )
Annas is a Java framework designed for developers and researchers in the fields of Graph Theory - AI, Path finding, distributed systems, etc. At this point the framework is comprised ...

JGraphT (Popularity: )
Free Java class library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms.

Carrier-class network topology swing components (Popularity: )
TWaver is a complete suite of Java graphic components for telecommunication operations support systems (OSS).

Nonlinear Optimization (Popularity: )
Nonlinear finite and infinite dimensional optimization, identification, methods and demo software by Prof. V. K. Tolstykh, Donetsk National University.

Tulip (Popularity: )
System dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs. It manages graphs with a number of elements (nodes and edges) up to 500,000 on a personal computer. It features 3D visualization ...

Tom Sawyer Software (Popularity: )
Graph Analysis and visualization component software for Java, C++, ActiveX and .NET. Free trial download.

GraphViz (Popularity: )
Development home of the open source Graph Visualization Project from AT&T and Lucent Bell Labs.

Graph Magics (Popularity: )
An editor for graphs with a generator tool and processor of various algorithms: shortest paths, spanning tree, maximal clique etc. (Popularity: )
Information source for researchers, practitioners, developers, and users working on all aspects of graph visualization and representation.

GIPALS: Linear Programming Tool (Popularity: )
Linear programming software for industrial size constrained optimization based on Interior-Point method.

Dash Optimization: for Linear, Integer and Quadratic Programming and Optimization Modeling (Popularity: )
Dash Optimization: for Linear, Integer and Quadratic Programming and Optimization Modeling.

Eudoxus Systems (Popularity: )
Using optimization to solve business problems. Includes lecture notes and case studies on the practical application of linear programming and optimization.

Records 1-19 of 19

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