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Tuesday, 20 August, 2019


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Ball Piston Engine (Popularity: )
Simple and smooth engine concept featuring ball bearings in both rotor and stator. Includes publications, technical background and drawings.

Stirling Engine and Hot Air Engine (Popularity: )
Private homepage dedicated to collectors of vintage hot air engines and model engineers. Includes book and article references.

Concept Engine (Popularity: )
Describes different engine design concepts, sorted by nation, as well as some support systems. Addresses efficiency and performance, insights, characteristics, with pictures and animations.

Devaux Engines Technologies, Inc. (Popularity: )
Develops simple, efficient, clean, 2-stroke, engine technology based on the expired Bourke engine patents. Includes photos, videos and process animations.

Bourke Engine Project (Popularity: )
Homebuilt Bourke engine generator project. Includes project information, CAD drawings, animation of the mechanism, videos, test results and insights.

Kruse Limited Temperature Cycle (Popularity: )
Describes an innovative thermodynamic engine cycle which limits peak combustion temperature in direct injection petrol, gasoline and diesel engines. Includes engine cycle overview and description, references, diagrams and patents.

Genoa Stirling (Popularity: )
Describes the design steps and insights of a full scale engine. Includes videos, technical datasheets, test results, work in progress and links.

Oscillator Engine (Popularity: )
Innovative internal combustion engine technology substituting pistons by flaps. Includes technical background, animation and diagrams.

American Stirling Company (Popularity: )
Manufacturer of educational models, fans, hand heated and full power engines. Includes forum, FAQs and insights on the technology.

Micro Car Project (Popularity: )
Documents student engineering project on the study of 2-stroke engine and changes in its design for micro-car. Addresses various aspects of its design, insights, solutions and applications.

StarApex (Popularity: )
Picture collection of Wankel engines.

Diesel Technology Forum (Popularity: )
Organization of diesel engine manufacturers, fuel suppliers, exhaust after-treatment manufacturers. Includes comprehensive information on the technology and its applications.

Flashsteam (Popularity: )
Development project of a four stroke, direct injection, steam engine. Includes thermodynamics basics, project description, pictures and videos.

Geo-Heat Center (Popularity: )
Information for the prospective owner from the Oregon Institute of Technology. Includes technology background, terminology and description of various mechanisms.

Hi-Z Technology Inc. (Popularity: )
Manufacturers of power generating modules, systems and materials. Includes technical specifications and scientific publications.

Ring Engine (Popularity: )
Explains the basics of the ring engine technology. Includes technical background, animations and discussion. [English, German]

Freedom Motors (Popularity: )
Explains the basics of the Freedom engine, based on the Wankel rotary engine. Includes historical and technical background, news, FAQs, applications and contact information.

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Engine Research Center (Popularity: )
Conducts research on spark ignition and compression ignition engines. Includes facility information, publications and results.

Doshisha University - Spray and Combustion Science Laboratory (Popularity: )
Studies combustion processes in internal combustion engines. Includes laboratory information and project descriptions. [English, Japanese]

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) - Laboratory for Micro and Nanotechnology (Popularity: )
Describes the principle of the cell technology. Includes diagrams and technical documents.

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