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Saturday, 4 April, 2020


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Schrodinger, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of the Jaguar quantum chemistry package and the MacroModel molecular mechanics package.

Institute of Molecular Function (Popularity: )
Producer of Homology Modeling for HyperChem, Gaussian Interface for HyperChem, ONIOM Interface for Receptor, and Docking Study with HyperChem.

CrystalMaker Software (Popularity: )
Crystal structures visualization and diffraction software for Macintosh.

Gaussian, Inc (Popularity: )
Contains manuals and other useful information related to the Gaussian98 program for quantum chemical calculation.

Wavefunction, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of spartan, a quantum chemical calculation program with nice visualization opportunities.

Molecular Discovery Ltd. (Popularity: )
Producer of GRID, a program for determining energetically favorable binding sites on molecules of known structure, and other "tools to derive high quality 3D descriptors with the purpose to link ...

MDL Information Systems (Popularity: )
A wide variety of data management, analysis, and visualization tools: ISIS, Chemscape, Sculpt and Assay Explorer. Some free downloads including ISIS/Draw and Chime.

Solvent Central (Popularity: )
Offers access to a sophisticated software model that suggests optimal solvents and solvent blends based on the user's specific technical application.

Advanced Chemistry Development (Popularity: )
Specializes in Windows and applet-based software for structure drawing, nomenclature, NMR processing and prediction, chemical databases, and prediction of physicochemical properties.

MolySym, Inc. (Popularity: )
Develops novel computer interface products to make the manipulation and simulation of molecular systems easy and intuitive. MolySym provides a unified software/hardware package for molecular modeling and computational chemistry.

Accelrys, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of various molecular modeling and simulation software for both life and materials science research, like cerius, catalyst, insightII, quanta.

CompuChem (Popularity: )
Software for drawing chemical structures, visualize laboratory experiments, teaching, 3D visualisation of molecules and quantum chemistry.

Daylight Chemical Information Systems (Popularity: )
Offers an integrated set of programs and libraries for chemical information processing. Based on the SMILES linear notation.

Chemical Simulations Group (Popularity: )
Software and consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries.

Hypercube, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of HyperChem, a molecular modeling package for windows and HyperNMR, a program for prediction of one-dimensional NMR spectra.

ADS-Limathon (Popularity: )
ADS-Limathon produce HPLC analysis and database software for the laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, HPLC chromatography market, SLE Lupus clinic.

Q-Chem, Inc. (Popularity: )
Developer and provider of quantum chemistry software for ab initio electronic structure calculations.

ChemAxon (Popularity: )
Programs, Java applets and other Java tools for chemistry, client-server applications, chemical databases, web site development.

Chemical Computing Group (Popularity: )
Chemical Computing Group (CCG) is a life science software company, dedicated to producing leading drug discovery technologies for both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. CCG product, the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) ...

QuantumBio (Popularity: )
Develops solutions for Computer-Assisted Molecular Modeling and Computer-Assisted Drug Design, with emphasis on semiempirical quantum mechanics and bioinformatics.

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