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Monday, 21 October, 2019


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Schrodinger, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of the Jaguar quantum chemistry package and the MacroModel molecular mechanics package.

Institute of Molecular Function (Popularity: )
Producer of Homology Modeling for HyperChem, Gaussian Interface for HyperChem, ONIOM Interface for Receptor, and Docking Study with HyperChem.

CrystalMaker Software (Popularity: )
Crystal structures visualization and diffraction software for Macintosh.

Gaussian, Inc (Popularity: )
Contains manuals and other useful information related to the Gaussian98 program for quantum chemical calculation.

Wavefunction, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of spartan, a quantum chemical calculation program with nice visualization opportunities.

Molecular Discovery Ltd. (Popularity: )
Producer of GRID, a program for determining energetically favorable binding sites on molecules of known structure, and other "tools to derive high quality 3D descriptors with the purpose to link ...

Solvent Central (Popularity: )
Offers access to a sophisticated software model that suggests optimal solvents and solvent blends based on the user's specific technical application.

MDL Information Systems (Popularity: )
A wide variety of data management, analysis, and visualization tools: ISIS, Chemscape, Sculpt and Assay Explorer. Some free downloads including ISIS/Draw and Chime.

Advanced Chemistry Development (Popularity: )
Specializes in Windows and applet-based software for structure drawing, nomenclature, NMR processing and prediction, chemical databases, and prediction of physicochemical properties.

MolySym, Inc. (Popularity: )
Develops novel computer interface products to make the manipulation and simulation of molecular systems easy and intuitive. MolySym provides a unified software/hardware package for molecular modeling and computational chemistry.

Accelrys, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of various molecular modeling and simulation software for both life and materials science research, like cerius, catalyst, insightII, quanta.

CompuChem (Popularity: )
Software for drawing chemical structures, visualize laboratory experiments, teaching, 3D visualisation of molecules and quantum chemistry.

Chemical Simulations Group (Popularity: )
Software and consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries.

Daylight Chemical Information Systems (Popularity: )
Offers an integrated set of programs and libraries for chemical information processing. Based on the SMILES linear notation.

Hypercube, Inc (Popularity: )
Producer of HyperChem, a molecular modeling package for windows and HyperNMR, a program for prediction of one-dimensional NMR spectra.

ADS-Limathon (Popularity: )
ADS-Limathon produce HPLC analysis and database software for the laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, HPLC chromatography market, SLE Lupus clinic.

Q-Chem, Inc. (Popularity: )
Developer and provider of quantum chemistry software for ab initio electronic structure calculations.

ChemAxon (Popularity: )
Programs, Java applets and other Java tools for chemistry, client-server applications, chemical databases, web site development.

Chemical Computing Group (Popularity: )
Chemical Computing Group (CCG) is a life science software company, dedicated to producing leading drug discovery technologies for both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. CCG product, the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) ...

QuantumBio (Popularity: )
Develops solutions for Computer-Assisted Molecular Modeling and Computer-Assisted Drug Design, with emphasis on semiempirical quantum mechanics and bioinformatics.

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