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FreeBPM (Popularity: )
A free software for designing and simulating integrated optical elements using 2D beam propagation methods.

Sinclair Optics, Inc. (Popularity: )
OSLO optical design software. Free evaluation level OSLO LT available.

HOLOOR (Popularity: )
Offers DOE-CAD, a software for design, masks generation and performance modeling of diffractive optical elements. The company also provides beam shapers and focusers, F-Theta lenses and lenslet arrays.

WinLase (Popularity: )
Software for laser resonator design and gaussian beam propagation (MS-Win, demo available).

Contract Engineering & Consultation Service (Popularity: )
Contract engineering & consultation service: A technology partner, providing innovative, cost effective, engineering services & value-added solutions of Reliability, Manufacture, Quality and Conformance; unique optical solutions: wave front mapping & ...

Optical Data Solutions, Inc. (Popularity: )
Offers LensVIEW, a CD-ROM database of lens design examples found in the optical design literature, mainly from patents. Includes more than 30000 individual designs.

OXALIS-LASER (Popularity: )
3D coherent beam propagation and Gaussian beam propagation software along optical systems and laser cavities, including diffraction, gain saturation, thermal lensing and others physical effects. Products are SimCa and COMMOD.

Focus Software, Inc. (Popularity: )
Offers optical engineering software and product descriptions for ZEMAX, OptiCAD, ZELUM, and LensVIEW.

Light Trans Virtual Lab (Popularity: )
Software for design and analysis of lens systems, gratings, diffractive elements, laser cavities. Modern optical systems may contain a large variety of optical components as for example refractive, computer generated ...

Stellar Software. (Popularity: )
Beam III, IV, optical raytracer for use by students and optical engineers. Windows and Mac versions available.

Lambda Research Corporation (Popularity: )
Their products include the TracePro software for illumination analysis featuring tutorials on using a light pipe and the OSLO optical lens design software.

Sarkomand Software (Popularity: )
Optical simulation, particle beams, and other scientific software (Macintosh).

TEC++ (Popularity: )
Optical design and analysis software VOB by METEC with optimization.

Breault Research Organization, Inc. (Popularity: )
Software and consulting services for the development and analysis of optical systems.

Grating Solver Development Company (Popularity: )
GSOLVER is a tool for analysis of gratings with arbitrary groove profile based on full vector diffraction. Antenna Solver is a rigorous antenna analysis program

Optiwave (Popularity: )
Software for integrated and fiber optics.

Radiant Imaging (Popularity: )
Software and services for illumination calculations. Comprehensive radiant source model library. Product descriptions for ProSource, ProMetric and ZELUM.

OpTaliX (Popularity: )
Comprehensive optical design and thin film analysis software. Supports 3d surface tilts, aspheres, gratings, gradient index, spline deformation, optimization, diffraction analysis, coatings.

Sky Scientific Optical Design and Astronomy (Popularity: )
Offers optical design software for engineering professionals, students and educators. Products for astronomy and astrophotography.

Photon Design (Popularity: )
Software tools for integrated optics, fibre optics, diode laser, TWA and diffractive optics modelling. Products include FIMMWAVE, FIMMPROP-3D and CLADISS-2D.

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