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Thursday, 5 December, 2019


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AW-Verlag - Information about Space Energy (Popularity: )
The search for the cosmic clean energy source usable for almost all applications in transportation and energy supply is our chance to overcome today's worldwide dependency on oil and atomic ...

Theories with Problems: by Keith Mayes (Popularity: )
Examination of theories in physics from the Big Bang to Quantum Theory, time travel, superluminal speed and Time itself.

John Gowan's General Systems (Popularity: )
Articles on gravitation, cosmology, unified field theory, particle physics, and general systems.

Mountain Math Software (Popularity: )
Free software and free speculation.

The Nature of Existence (Popularity: )
A detailed, ex nihilo model of the universe is developed as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Causes are generated for data - of the type accepted by ...

The Physics of Electromagnetic Masses (Popularity: )
[book review] Book that challenges fundamental principles of modern electromagnetic field theory and unveils a new model for electromagnetic masses as they move from the point of origin out into ...

Faraday Laboratory Co. (Popularity: )
Includes descriptions of time machines, torsion field generators and accelerators, and the table of contents for the magazine "New Energy Technologies".

Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise (Popularity: )
New Unified Field Theory shows relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, weak and strong nuclear force fields; evidence and discussion.

A Novel Nuclear Reactor (Popularity: )
A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.

The Swedish Association for New Physics (Popularity: )
A non-profit association aiming to be a forum for research at the border of or outside established scientific paradigms.

Einstein Conspiracy (Popularity: )
Conspiracy to suppress history of alternative physics that links the ideas of Einstein, Tesla and Newton through the missing link of 18th century genius Boscovich.

The Quest for Gravity Control (Popularity: ) has been created to search for the team or individual who can demonstrate gravity control on demand.

Living Universe (Popularity: )
Quantum origin of the Universe. This model proposes that the Big-Bang model and the Steady-State model are complementary.

Science Site (Popularity: )
The secret of gravity is revealed in a new theory. Learn how fields move faster than the speed of light.

Physics Myths and Physics Facts (Popularity: )
Flaws in concepts and theories of modern physics.

Hypothetical Collisions of an Ideal Solid (Popularity: )
A modern atomist theory of the physical universe.Alternative theory that overturns Einstein's Theory of Relativity and returns physics to Classical Mechanics with absolute space and time.

Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge (Popularity: )
Alternative science and philosophy.

Time and Gravity Control, Free Energy (Popularity: )
Experimental proposals, projects and theories.

Fundamentals of new physics and of the universe picture (Popularity: )
Two hypothesises which resolve the inconsistent experimental material and problems accumulated by modern science.

TRUTON (Popularity: )
The Rational Unified Theory Of Nature

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