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Tuesday, 26 September, 2017


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Rice University Condensed Matter Theory (Popularity: )
Peter Nordlander's group investigates non-equilibrium processes in mesoscopic systems and on surfaces focus on many-electron effects. Qimiao Si specializes in the theory of strongly correlated electron systems emphasis on non-Fermi ...

Birmingham University: Research in Oxide Physics (Popularity: )
The programme is a collaboration of experimental and theoretical physicists working on the behaviour of correlated electrons in oxide materials. Based in the School of Physics and Astronomy at Birmingham ...

Ab-Initio Research Group at MIT (Popularity: )
headed by Prof. J. D. Joannopoulos

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Popularity: )
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics.

Norsam Technologies (Popularity: )
Information on nano-scale research, development and production applications using focused ion beam and other technologies for archival data storage, MEMS, micromachining and semiconductor applications.

University of Basel: Physics Department (Popularity: )
Condensed Matter Group

University of Cambridge: Cavendish Laboratory - Theory of Condensed Matter (Popularity: )
These pages contain information on the research interests, members and publications of the group.

University of Birmingham: Theoretical Physics Research Group (Popularity: )
Members, research interests, publications, lectures, seminars and external links.

Ames Laboratory: Condensed Matter Physics Group (Popularity: )
Description of research and publications bibliography.

Argonne National Laboratory: Materials Theory Institute (Popularity: )
Aims to attract leading talents in the field of condensed matter physics for collaborative work closely related to Argonne's experimental and theoretical projects.

Queen Mary University of London: Molecular and Materials Physics Group (Popularity: )
Members, research details, studentships, seminars, industrial links.

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources: Ion Beam Application Group (Popularity: )
Ion beam analysis (IBA) using a particle accelerator and methods like RBS, ERD, PIXE/PIGE. Summary of projects on ion beam LIGA, lithography and MEMS is presented.

Center of Solid State Physics is an independent scientific institution founded by R. J. Radwanski. (Popularity: )
Center of Solid State Physics is an independent scientific institution founded by R. J. Radwanski. Our motto: "Experiments are the only means of knowledge at our disposal. The rest is poetry, imagination." - ...

Sapienza Unit, Institute For Commplex Systems (Popularity: )
Our unit hosts research on complex systems, that is systems composed of many elements whose mutual interaction gives rise to unexpected emergent phenomena. For example, the behaviour of brain cannot ...

Surfaces, Thin Films, Multilayers (Popularity: )
Magnetic properties of nano structures by Conversion Electron Moessbauer Spectroscopy - CEMS. Department of solid state Physics, Krakow, Poland.

Ioffe Institute (Popularity: )
One of Russia's largest institutions for research in physics and technology with a wide variety of operating projects.

Records 1-16 of 16

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