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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018


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Organizations and Associations

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European Low Gravity Research Association (Popularity: )
Contains organization overview, membership information, events and newsletters of ELGRA, an international association of European scientists.

Space Frontier Foundation (Popularity: )
Offers comprehensive news, projects and organization overview of an organization advocating cheap access to Space and rapid human colonization of Space.

Satellite Industry Association (Popularity: )
Contains overview and membership forum of a communications satellite industry trade organization in USA.

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) (Popularity: )
Offers newsletters, events and publications of an association of Space Agencies responsible for Earth Observation for peaceful purposes.

X Prize Foundation (Popularity: )
Provides comprehensive updated facts on prize rules, activities, photos, merchandising and educational support of an association offering ten million US dollars to the builders of the first private space passenger ...

Space Future (Popularity: )
A forum promoting access to space for all. Includes comprehensive space tourism, newsletters and document resources.

Space Access Society (Popularity: )
Newsletters and event listings of an organization that promotes cheaper access to space.

SpaceConnection (Popularity: )
Contains overview of the training and certification programs for space professionals by an association promoting space flight.

Space Studies Institute (Popularity: )
Provides organization facts, research papers, space art, product catalogs of an association aiming at providing energy from Space.

The Planetary Society (Popularity: )
Offers overview, events, news and publications of a large nonprofit organization that promotes exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life. Includes merchandising and links to affiliates.

National Space Society (Popularity: )
Comprehensive overview with newsletters, member forum and activities of an US association to "advance the day when people will live and work in space".

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (Popularity: )
Offers facts, news, events information plus organization overview, articles, and member resources of AMSAT.

Students for the Exploration and the Development of Space (Popularity: )
Comprehensive overview with newsletters, forums, projects facts of a worldwide student space organization.

North Shore Mars Society (Popularity: )
Welcome to the North Shore Chicago chapter of the Mars Society, whose purpose is to further the goal of the exploration and settlement of Mars. On to Mars!

The OURS Foundation (Popularity: )
Provides overview of an arts and astronautical organization. Organizers of the Cosmic Dancer Sculpture and Ars Ad Astra space art projects on the Mir space station.

Society of Satellite Professionals International (Popularity: )
Provides comprehensive membership and organization info for a professional career development organization in the field of satellite communications. Includes areas reserved for members.

The Mars Club (Popularity: )
Offers news and events of an association of explorers of the Martian and Mars-analog environments.

The Mars Society of Greater Los Angeles (Popularity: )

Association of Space Explorers (Popularity: )
Organization and activity overview of an international non-profit professional and educational organization of more than 250 individuals who have flown in space.

The Canadian Space Society (Popularity: )
Contains newsletters, forum and project information of a space advocacy group.

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