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European Society for Evolutionary Biology (Popularity: )
The Society aims promotes evolutionary research in a wide sense. It publishes the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, and organizes a conference every other year.

Hans-Cees Speel's Homepage (Popularity: )
The Evolution and Philosophy section discusses evolution in biology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and memetics.

Alec's Evolution Pages with scientific evidence for evolution (Popularity: )
Essays, articles, resources and links presenting scientific evidence for evolution and refuting creationist arguments. Demonstrates fallacies of Young Earth Creationism and Intelligent Design.

National Association for Objectivity in Science about Evolution (Popularity: )
Promotes teaching of critical thinking about the theory of evolution.

Becoming Human (Popularity: )
Learn about human evolution through their interactive documentary and the find the latest paleontology news and views. Becoming Human is an interactive documentary experience that tells the story of our ...

Teach Evolution and Make it Relevant (Popularity: )
Resources and materials for teaching evolution at the pre-college level. Find teaching guides and lesson plans for the following topics: nature of science, evidence for evolution, pathways of evolution, human ...

Darwin200 (Popularity: )
Celebrations at The Natural History Museum, London, are centered on Darwin's 200th birthday in February 2009, but will begin in July 2008 by commemorating 150 years since Darwin first presented ...

Center for Human Evolutionary Studies (Popularity: )
Center for Human Evolutionary Studies' primary mission is the discovery, teaching, and public dissemination of knowledge on the origin, evolution, and biological and ecological basis of human behavior.

Evolution of Hearing (Popularity: )
Tracing the Evolution of Ears and Evolution of Hearing from early fish to amphibians to reptiles and mammals.

The Evolution Education Wiki (Popularity: )
An Evolution Encyclopedia and FAQ compiled by users of the site.

Largest Neanderthal Finding Site (Popularity: )
Krapina is famous for an archaeological discovery in 1899, where a population of Neanderthals was discovered by geologist, archaeologist and paleontologist Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger. The archaeological discovery on a hill called ...

Butterflies and Plants: Partners in Evolution (Popularity: )
Discover how natural selection has shaped animals and plants together through their ancient and persistent dependencies, and defenses with one another in this Smithsonian exhibit.

Understanding Evolution (Popularity: )
Offers detailed explanations of the mechanisms of evolution and the history of life on Earth, explains the relevance of evolutionary theory to our everyday lives, and outlines the multiple lines ...

Darwin Digital Library of Evolution (Popularity: )
American Museum of Natural History Library project working to make the full literature of evolution available online within a historically and topically coherent structure.

Leakey Foundation (Popularity: )
Funds research related to human origins, behavior, and survival. The mission of the Leakey Foundation is to increase scientific knowledge and public understanding of human origins and evolution.

Complete Work of Charles Darwin (Popularity: )
Featuring materials from the Darwin Archive at Cambridge University Library, the site contains more than 50,000 searchable text pages and 40,000 images from Charles Darwin's publications and handwritten manuscripts.

Journey Through Time (Popularity: )
Frans Lanting photo essay tracing life's adaptations over the eons. Nature, wildlife, landscape, and stock photographs from the Taschen book by photographer Frans Lanting.

Darwin Day Celebration (Popularity: )
Darwin Day is the international celebration of science and humanity held on February 12th, Charles Darwin's birthday.

Human Evolution Research (Popularity: )
Dedicated to the study of human origins and evolution. HERC provides information about the Middle Awash research project in Ethiopia and The Revealing Hominid Origins Initiative (RHOI).

Turkana Basin Institute (Popularity: )
Learn about TBI's research program that addresses the entire span of human evolution through studying the deposits in the Omo-Turkana Basin of northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia.

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