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Thursday, 18 July, 2019


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GeneRunner for Windows (Popularity: )
A fairly old sequence analysis tool for everyday lab use. Formerly a commercial product - now "abandonware."

AcaClone pDRAW32 (Popularity: )
Freeware DNA cloning, analysis and visualization software.

JAligner (Popularity: )
Java implementation of the dynamic programming algorithm Smith-Waterman for biological local pairwise sequence alignment.

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA2) software (Popularity: )
Provides free downloadable MEGA2 software for use in comparative sequence analysis of genetic data. Program for Win32 platforms.

PubCrawler - An Update Alerting Service for PubMed and GenBank (Popularity: )
Software and an online service for periodically performing predefined searches at NCBI, reporting new results by email or on the web.

Premier Biosoft International (Popularity: )
Premier Biosoft is a bioinformatics company offering software solutions and customized software development and assay design services for bioinformatics clients. The company specializes in software development and has 9 products related ...

LucID Professional (Popularity: )
Software for creating interactive keys for biology, taxonomy, medicine, and agriculture.

The ARB Project (Popularity: )
A free sequence database application for Unix. It includes a sequence editor, several sequence aligners, phylogeny reconstruction tools, probe/primer search and generation, genome annotation and visualization. In addition to the ... (Popularity: )
The Bioperl Project is an international association of developers of open source Perl tools for bioinformatics, genomics and life science research. The Bioperl server provides an online resource for modules, ...

Meta-MEME v2.0.1 (Popularity: )
Software toolkit for building and using motif-based hidden Markov models of DNA and proteins - from the Univ. of California-San Diego.

High Throughput Screening Tools (Popularity: )
Analytical tools and SQL scripts that solve common problems in drug discovery.

WU-BLAST Archives (Popularity: )
WU-BLAST: The Washington University BLAST. "...faster at any sensitivity, more sensitive at any speed, the first BLAST with gapped alignments and statistics."

BioQuery (Popularity: )
Tools that searches multiple biomedical databases from your desktop.

AbOrygen : Intuitive bioinformatics (Popularity: )
AbOrygen develops the next generation of bioinformatics software with powerful new features that simplify and improve the research work of life scientists worldwide.

Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server (Popularity: )
BiBiServ supports Internet-based collaborative research, software development and distance education in bioinformatics.

DNA-Star - Lasergene (Popularity: )
Commercial sequence analysis and manipulation suite for Windows and Macintosh.

Bionconductor (Popularity: )
The Bioconductor project produces an open source software framework that will assist biologists and statisticians working in bioinformatics, with primary emphasis on inference using DNA microarrays, built mostly using R.

Metalifesocieties (Popularity: )
Makes available various bioinformatics algorithms, which perform all essential tasks in sequence analysis and sequence-based predictions. (Popularity: )
The Biopython Project is an international association of developers of freely available Python tools for computational molecular biology.

AceDB (Popularity: )
A hierarchical database system for displaying genomic data (originally C. elegans), suitable also for displaying other scientific data.

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