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Wednesday, 20 November, 2019


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Wildlands Project Revealed (Popularity: )
Campaign to set aside approximately 50% of the North American continent for the preservation of biological diversity.

Wild Species (Popularity: )
The general status of species in Canada

Cochrane Ecological Institute (Popularity: )
CEI is devoted to the preservation of North America's biodiversity, through the conservation and breeding of endangered indigenous species, ecosystem restoration through the reintroduction of extirpated fauna and flora, and ...

Quebec Biodiversity Web Site (Popularity: )
Covers many aspects of biological diversity (biodiversity), including theory, species lists, and conservations issues. Emphasis on the province of Quebec.

Biota of North America Program (Popularity: )
Program whose goal is to develop a unified digital system for assessing the North American biota. Descriptions of projects and the Synthesis of the North American Flora CD-ROM.

Seeds of Diversity (Popularity: )
Canada's Heritage Seed Program preserving varieties of seeds from rare and unusual garden plants in a living gene bank.

Wild Russia-promoting nature conservation in Russian (Popularity: )
Wild Russia promotes nature conservation efforts in the protected areas that make up a network of russian nature reserves called Zapovedniks.

ASEAN Review of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation (Popularity: )
Web-journal dedicated to the study of biodiversity in Malaysia and the rest of southeast Asia.

Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility (Popularity: )
Collection of resources for data on Canadian species, including taxonomic search, specimen and observation databases, and detailed species accounts for butterflies.

Biodiversity Database of Washington DC (Popularity: )
Photographs and information about species in the Washington D.C. area.

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (Popularity: )
ATREE is a non-profit organization working to conserve India's biodiversity.

Conservation Fisheries, Inc. (Popularity: )
Non-profit company dedicated to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity in the Southeastern U.S. through captive propagation of rare, threatened, and endangered species of fish.

Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation Programme (Popularity: )
Programme to establish sustainable approaches for the conservation of the endangered biodiversity and ecosystems of Sabah, Malaysia.

Viva Natura (Popularity: )
Initiative focused on conservation of Mexican fauna, flora and ecosystems.

Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation (Popularity: )
Organization established in 1954 to encourage and support scientific study of the living things, lands, and waters of the Lake Superior region.

The Strategy Guide (Popularity: )
A clearing-house for the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy (PEBLDS). Provides publications, news, activities and events.

LIFE - Australia's first WWW Server (Popularity: )
Collection of biological information and links, especially the environment and biodiversity, from Charles Sturt University. Includes resources on biodiversity, complexity, natural heritage, and Australian biological resources.

Gobi Takhi Reintroduction Project in Mongolia (Popularity: )
The Takhi reintroduction project in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia attempts to re-establish a sustainable population of the Asiatic Wild Horse at the site where the last individual of that ...

Records 1-18 of 18

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