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Tuesday, 25 June, 2019


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Gyroscopes As Propulsion Devices (Popularity: )
Gyroscope based technology could provide an alternative form of propulsion.

Marine Diesels (Popularity: )
The construction, operation, running and maintenance of large slow speed two and four stroke diesel engines as found in the majority of merchant vessels. An interactive course by the Warsash ...

Blastwave Jet Company (Popularity: )
Information on a little known bent pipe blast wave or pulse jet engine.

Engine Systems Development Centre Inc. (Popularity: )
A Canadian research center for the development and testing of large bore diesel engines for locomotives and generator sets. Description of research capabilities.

ePower and Propulsion (Popularity: )
Web portal for the areas of propulsion and power research, education and directly related topics. With many links and concise explanation of many fluid flow phenomena.

Chemical Propulsion Information Agency (Popularity: )
Comprehensive site with technical resources, propulsion papers, meetings and events calendar.

ARLA Maschinentechnik GmbH (Popularity: )
Specialist in PC supported simulation technology of drive systems and powertrains.

Positronics Research, LLC (Popularity: )
A research firm located in New Mexico, pursuing antimatter storage and utilzation for high energy applications in propulsion and medical arenas.

China Car Wiper Manufacturer & Supplier (Popularity: )
Car Windshield Wiper / Windshield Wiper Blades - Custom Auto Window Wiper, Spoiler Wiper, Bus Wiper, Screw Serial Wiper etc. according to your needs. We focus on supplying high grade ...

Quasi Moto: Theoretical Propulsion Physics (Popularity: )
Considers unconventional means of space propulsion (and any ancillary systems), with the aim to determine their feasibility or basis in fact.

Turbo & Jet Engine Research Laboratories (Popularity: )
Israel Institute of Technology. Does theoretical and experimental R&D work in jet engines and gas turbines, for high-efficiency low NOx small-medium engines.

SYNISON Laboratory LTD (Popularity: )
Laboratory highly specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems performing Basic & Applied Research & Development in Power Generation & Power Transmission.

Interstellar Missions (Popularity: )
News on advanced propulsion technologies for space travel from universtites, organisations and companies.

Solar-Thruster-Sailor (Popularity: )
Solar Sail with hybrid propulsion, using light pressure and ion thruster to produce thrust. Spacecraft Building System to build large, light weight space structures in a fast and simple way.

Swiss Propulsion Laboratory (Popularity: )
Aims to develop systems to transport small civilian payloads into a low-earth orbit (LEO).

NuclearSpace (Popularity: )
The goal is to promote the use of nuclear power in space and to further enhance the manned exploration of our solar system.

Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory (Popularity: )
Research in electric propulsion, plasma thrusters and fundamental problems in plasma physics. Princeton University.

Tethers Unlimited (Popularity: )
Use of space tethers for propellantless electrodynamic tether propulsion, pumped tether length propulsion, and transferring energy and momentum from one spacecraft to another.

Records 1-18 of 18

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