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Commercial Sites

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Expert Choice Inc. (Popularity: )
AHP and other decision support software.

Data Envelopment Analysis ( DEA ) Software, Theory and Applications (Popularity: )
KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis for Benchmarking SoftWare provides performance measurement using Data Envelopment Analysis ( DEA) . It is widely adopted in different business-unit based enterprises. KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis ...

Duxbury Press (Popularity: )
Publisher of books and software for students, faculty, and professionals, with a particular focus on statistics and quantitative methods.

LINDO Systems (Popularity: )
Optimization modelling software.

Visual Thinking International (Popularity: )
Developers of VISA, a sensitivity analysis tool and SIMUL8, which is used for discrete event simulation.

Banxia: Software for Data Envelopment Analysis and qualitative modeling (Popularity: )
Developer of Frontier Analyst, and Decision Explorer software for professional decision making.

Strategic Decisions Group (Popularity: )
An international management consulting firm specializing in strategy, strategic change, and growing shareholder value.

Ali Emrouznejad's Data Envelopment Analysis Homepage (Popularity: )
The most comprehensive web site about DEA, Productivity, Efficiency of Decision Making Units. Information about Malmquist index, CRS, VRS models in Data Envelopment Analysis and DEA software.

Optomatica consulting (Popularity: )
A consultancy with expertise in optimization, machine learning, neural networks, natural computation approaches, and advanced modeling techniques.

GAMS Development Corporation (Popularity: )
The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a high-level modeling system for mathematical programming problems.

TreeAge Software, Inc. (Popularity: )
Decision tree analysis software.

MathPro Inc. (Popularity: )
Specializes in the practical application of mathematical programming to economic analysis, planning, public policy, and decision support.

AIMMS - The Modeling System of Paragon Decision Technology (Popularity: )
An advanced integrated multidimensional modeling software for building decision support and optimization applications.

Lumina Decision Systems, Inc. (Popularity: )
Business modelling consulting, software, and seminars.

Drayton Analytics (Popularity: )
Provider of software and economic consulting services to the Operations Research community and utility industries

Palisade Corporation (Popularity: )
Risk and decision analysis software, including @RISK.

AMPL Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming (Popularity: )
Support for users and prospective users of AMPL, a language and computing environment for describing a broad variety of optimization problems to a range of "solvers" for such problems.

Axioma, Inc. (Popularity: )
Provides modeling and optimization technology to help in decision support applications. Includes news releases and contact information.

TOMLAB - MATLAB Optimization (Popularity: )
For fast and robust large-scale optimization in MATLAB. TOMLAB provides interfaces to CPLEX, Xpress, SNOPT, MINOS, and MINLP.

Dash Optimization (UK) (Popularity: )
Xpress-MP solves large optimization problems in areas such as supply chain & logistics.

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