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Sunday, 24 September, 2017


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Ali F. Abu Taha (Popularity: )
Patent and reports on natural motions mechanism and physical low-pass filters. Universal gravitation theory and unified interaction. Start-up transient dynamic overshoot effect. Space shuttle studies.

Geons, Black Holes, and Quantum Foam (Popularity: )
Thoughts on physics, aliens, exotic propulsion, and philosophy.

Unsolved Mysteries and the Hidden History of the World (Popularity: )
Forum for discussion of archaeological mysteries, ancient civilizations, the paranormal, space exploration and cryptozoology.

Borderland Sciences (Popularity: )
Investigates phenomena beyond the range of human perception and physical measurement. Presents findings, archives and a journal.

Page of Physics, Economy and New Energy (Popularity: )
A broad range of articles, mostly written by Josef Hasslberger, about the results of study and research into the odd and unexplained.

Prediction Science and the Next 60,000 Years (Popularity: )
New Zealander Norman Spencer's predictions concerning humanity's future over the next 60,000 years, and a description of the theory, knowledge, and method underlying these predictions.

Paranormal Research Organization (Popularity: )
Supporting field researchers and investigators, and providing educational resources for enthusiasts. Includes articles and member biographies. The Paranormal Research Organization: Supporting the serious and knowledgeable paranormal field researchers and investigators, ...

The University Of Manchester (Popularity: )
Personal Web Pages is a service for all members of staff and students at The University of Manchester. It allows you to create your own web pages subject to certain ...

New England Anomalies Research (NEAR) (Popularity: )
Investigating anomalies suspected to be of paranormal origin. Includes photographs, news, forum, and research results. Our endeavor is to provide assistance to those who bring to our attention these occurrences ...

Radio Universal (Popularity: )
A field diary of psychologist Stella Freitas-Grisam and her patients in a world of perpetual strangeness. Men and their rituals and everyday insanity.

The Center for Canonical Science (Popularity: )
Research, viewpoint, and learning resources beyond modern science. Includes publications, information for non-scientists, collaborations, meetings, history and philosophy of science.

Records 1-11 of 11

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