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Texas Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts (Popularity: )
Photo gallery of arrowhead and artifact types found in Texas with information provided on lithic technology.

Ancient Stones - Megaliths in Western Europe (Popularity: )
Picture gallery and descriptions of megalithic sites in Western Europe. In English and German, with map interface.

Radiocarbon Dating Services (Popularity: )
Lab in Ukraine offers radiocarbon dating services. Includes description of conventional method and Liquid scintillation counting techniques used.

The Ogham Stone (Popularity: )
Liberty Mill's illustrated guide to this ancient Irish writing system, with a complete table of Ogham characters. Examples of standing stones with Ogham inscriptions. Links.

Clay (Popularity: )
Devoted to the study and dissemination of information about clay tobacco pipes.

Sumerian Language (Popularity: )
John Halloran's lexicon of Sumerian, paper analyzing Proto-Sumerian, illustrated description of symbolic counting tokens, proverbs in Sumerian cuneiform and a map of Sumerian archaeological sites.

Mythical Ireland (Popularity: )
A comprehensive examination of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Tara, Fourknocks, Loughcrew and other Stone Age sites of Ireland in the context of astronomy, mythology, art and archaeology.

Stones of Wonder (Popularity: )
A guide the megalithic monuments of Scotland and their astronomical alignments. Also contains illustrations, a bibliography and suggestions for the best times of year to visit. (Popularity: )
Overview of archaeoastronomy. Includes maps, almanacs and video archive.

Stone Pages (Popularity: )
Some of the most interesting megalithic and other archaeological sites in Europe.

Paleolithic Diet Page (Popularity: )
A page of annotated links to sites for the Paleolithic diet, also called a hunter/gatherer diet.

Knowth Portal (Popularity: )
Portal site to Knowth, Newgrange, Dowth, Fourknocks and Loughcrew, the 5000-year old megalithic monuments in the county of Meath on the east coast of Ireland.

Cuneiform Tablet Collection Catalogue (Popularity: )
Online searchable database Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP).

The Corinth Computer Project (Popularity: )
Project whose goal is to generate a computerized architectural and topographical survey of the Roman colony of Corinth. contains a Quicktime panorama, city plan, and project methodology and bibliography.

KORAIS (Popularity: )
Editor and Email Application for Ancient Languages (Ancient Greek, Coptic, Aramaic, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, Luwian and others). OpenSource Project.

CalPal (Popularity: )
The Cologne Radiocarbon Calibration and Paleoclimate Research Package is designed to support research on hominid behavioural response to pleistocene climate change. (Popularity: )
Photographs and information about archaeological sites in Jersey, Channel Islands.

RadioCarbon (Popularity: )
International journal of radio-isotope dating: Article indexes; sales of subscriptions and back issues.

The Hanwakan Center for Prehistoric Astronomy, Cosmology and Landscape Studies, Inc. (Popularity: )
Homepage of the Hanwakan Center, organized for the gathering of traditions and stories born of mankind's interaction with the physical environment and his understanding of the relationship between earth and ...

Archaeoastronomy (Popularity: )
Introduction to Irish megalithic complexes; includes future astronomical sight times.

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