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Friday, 28 February, 2020


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Paranormal Phenomena

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provides an A To Z index of the unexplained, discussion forum, searchable sightings database, and latest news.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (Popularity: )
overnight radio program pursuing the unexplained. Hosted by Art Bell on the weekends. (Popularity: )
science, environment, and real X-files news, including mysterious lights, crop formations, and animal mutilations. Reported and edited by Linda Moulton Howe.

Anomalies: The Strange & Unexplained (Popularity: )
database of paranormal (and allegedly paranormal) events, objects, and people, compiled from a variety of sources and traced to their earliest reports.

Reverse Speech (Popularity: )
exploring the phenomenon of hidden backward messages in speech.

Museum of Unnatural Mystery (Popularity: )
cyberspace museum of bizarre science for the whole family. (Popularity: )
events, news, discussion boards, and live chat dedicated to a number of paranormal phenomena and issues such as cryptozoology, dreams, ghosts, and UFOs.

Paranormal Place (Popularity: )
dedicated to the search and study of vortexes, parallel universes, UFOs, Roswell, Area 51, and spiritual, mystical, and otherworldly things that go bump in the night.

Metatech (Popularity: )
collection of articles addressing hidden knowledge, UFOs, secret governments, mind control, remote viewing, and related topics.

Informant News (Popularity: )
features UFO and paranormal news from around the world. Watching the World Change (Popularity: )
news-feed service with articles on UFOs and aliens, ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon, unexplainable events, strange space news, and religion. They also aggregate pictures and video of the strange, creepy, ... (Popularity: )
serves as a resource gateway for the many questions we all ponder about the overdrawn unknown and all types of phenomena.

Paranormal Mysteries (Popularity: )
Paranormal Mysteries. Bringing you the latest paranormal news: ufos, extraterrestrials, ghosts, cryptids, conspiracies and other unexplained phenomena.

Alien Jesus (Popularity: )
the most revolutionary concept in religious thought since the original Jesus. And that's no surprise, since they're one and the same!

Wolf Lodge (Popularity: )
herein lies a labyrinth of information, knowledge, healing, enlightenment, prophecy, Native American culture, truth and wisdom.

Marsden Archive (Popularity: )
picture library specializing in the macabre, fantastic, and the supernatural.

Aliens and their Influence on Humanity (Popularity: )
Explore the rich complexity of aliens and their influence on earth. he truth about aliens and their influence on us? I guarantee that you'll find it far more interesting than ...

Asia Paranormal (Popularity: )
The Ultimate Blog Collections of the Paranormals Stuff and Ghost in Asia. Here you can find info about the weird, the strange, the odd, the mysterious and the unexplained in ...

Alien Crossing (Popularity: )
A site that covers evidence and research into Aliens and the U.F.O Phenomena.

Paranormal Knowledge (Popularity: ) is a site that provides information on paranormal activities on Earth. Check out our site and learn something new everyday.

Records 1-20 of 23  |  Go to 1 2 Next >> page 

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