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Wednesday, 8 April, 2020


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Unproven Concepts

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Free Energy from a Collapsing Magnetic Field (Popularity: )
Fuelless engines and generators, built and tested by inventor Rick Harrison. Creative Science and Research sells plans and kits.

The Mysterious Bessler Wheel (Popularity: )
Did Johann Bessler, like the Wright Brothers, employ an unknown physical principle to achieve the "impossible?"

ButlerLabs (Popularity: )
Offers Magnapulsion, a permanent magnet propulsion toy. Also has an extensive worldwide list of alternative energy patents. (Popularity: )
Inventor Joseph Newman's website: news, photographs, video of motor.

Orffyreus Returns (Popularity: )
Historical research and information on Johann Bessler, aka Orffyreus, and his demonstration of a series of claimed perpetual motion wheels in the early 1700's.

Free Energy and Perpetual Motion (Popularity: )
An account of Johann Bessler and his perpetual motion machine. Includes new theory on free energy machine, plus description of secret code, containing full details of construction of his machine ...

Nu Energy Technologies, Inc. (Popularity: )
Designs, manufactures, and markets power conversion systems for electronic and electrical systems.

The Tom Bearden Website (Popularity: )
A formulation of superelectromagnetics theory and the development of overunity devices. Negative resistance dipoles.

AMDG Scientific Corporation (Popularity: )
AMDG Scientific Corp. is a Research & Development Company named after its founder and scientist Arie M. DeGeus, who discovered novel technologies featuring over-unity energy production.

Betavoltaic Industries Inc. (Popularity: )
Betavoltaic energy conversion technology. Betavoltaic is the process of conversion of beta-electrons into usable electric energy. Stimulated Accelerated Isotope Decay Power cells.

Discussing Modern Thermal Physics (Popularity: )
Essays concerning Modern Thermal Physics. Author: Pierre-Marie Robitaille, Ph.D. Professor of Biophysics, Chemical Physics, and Radiology. Obtained the Best MRI Images so far. (Popularity: )
Tribrids, hybrid cars, electric cars, solar cars and fuel cell cars, boats, planes and trucks. A detailed description of the next generation in alternative fuel vehicles, the tribrid.

Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet (Popularity: )
Free information on 14 free energy devices to provide energy, transportation, heat, light, water, more: parts list, drawings, descriptions.

Black Light Power, Inc. (Popularity: )
Technology based on a chemical process causing catalytic hydrogen collapse (BlackLight Process) to release heat energy from hydrogen as electrons are induced by catalyst to drop to lower energy levels ...

Range+Guide (Popularity: )
Looking for proven 21st century technology? Find out about electric generators that run on water, R-Gas torches that cut metal with water and many more high-tech, environmentally safe products.

Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. (Popularity: )
Helping public awareness of the coming energy crunch while working on creative solutions to ease the inevitable transition.

Centrafusion (Popularity: )
Centrafusion provides on demand technology and information for today's growing need of free energy generators.

Infinite Energy (Popularity: )
Compilation of information on cold fusion as well as other new/unproven energy technology concepts, including renewables. Also the home of "Infinite Energy Magazine."

Gravity Control Technologies (Popularity: )
Research company working on commercial implementation of technology capable of controlling gravity for flight. (Popularity: )
Explores the claims of free energy inventors and invites submission of plans for a device that can be built by anyone to prove that free energy does exist.

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