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Thursday, 12 December, 2019


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The Internet Archive of Civilization's Missing Artifact (Popularity: )
Presents an astrological interpretation of the "Star of Bethlehem."

Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association (Popularity: )
Includes comprehensive information on the subject of astroarchaeology and extraterrestrials on earth. Very connected to Erich von Däniken and his ideas.

Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association (Popularity: )
Official: includes information on astroarchaeology and extraterrestrials on earth; membership and contact information.

The Biblical Chronologist (Popularity: )
Sales of books and newsletter subscriptions proposing a revised chronology of the exodus.

The World Ages Archive (Popularity: )
The aim of the World Ages Archive is to provide an extensive web-based reference for the study of ancient chronological revisionist, catastrophist, and the Afrocentric discourse.

2012 (Popularity: )
Daily science news from an alternative viewpoint - topics include archaeology, cataclysms, ancient mysteries, cosmic rays and evolution.

Mount Sinai Has Been Found (Popularity: )
Archaeological evidence at Har Karkom tell the story of a sacred mountain in the desert of Exodus, which reflect with surprising precision the events and conditions described to us in ...

On Dr. Anthony Perks' Stonehenge As A Symbolic Vulva Theory (Popularity: )
About Dr. Anthony Perks' Stonehenge theory that this ancient monolithic structure was designed to symbolically represent the vulva aka vagina of the "Earth Goddess" when viewed from the sky.

Team Atlantis (Popularity: )
An Underwater Archaeological Research Team - traveling the world and filming a series of virtual expeditions featured live on the Internet! (Popularity: )
Bruce Bedlam shares his unusual theories on how and why Stonehenge was built. (Popularity: )
A revision of New Testament Biblical chronology, arguing for an earlier dating of events than normally accepted.

Rediscover Ancient Egypt (Popularity: )
Aims to promote, encourage, and facilitate the study of ancient Egypt in an alternative way.

The Mystery of the Nazca Lines (Popularity: )
Alla Belokon suggests that the lines represent our Solar system planets as crystal structure nodes, and were built by a flow of directed energy of unknown nature from the air.

Gizagrid (Popularity: )
Article contends that the pyramids of Giza were positioned using a square root arrangement, within a phi defined underlying groundplan. Includes details of the Egyptian number system and the geometry ...

Stonehenge-Avebury (Popularity: )
Meteorologist Terence Meaden claims to have discovered carvings of faces and heads in these famous stone circles in Wessex.

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations (Popularity: )
Giza as a complex starchart, plus information regarding the Narmer Plate.

Mysteries of the Bible (Popularity: )
Torah Codes, Lost Tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Biblical Legends.

Atlantis: A Lost Lybio-Phoenician Empire. (Popularity: )
Taking into account the clues left by Plato, archaeology, and history together, a concludes that Atlantis was a federation of Lybio-Phoenician cities of Morocco and the Canary Islands.

Open Cheops! (Popularity: )
Site presents new theory based on on observable features and repeatable mathematical facts. Shows an entrance to Cheops, introduces an interior ramp method of construction, illustrates the scientific and not ...

The Orion Zone (Popularity: )
The Orion Zone takes the star correlation theory evidenced at Giza and applies it to the Four Corners region of the American Southwest. Site contains many photos, diagrams, and links.

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