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Thursday, 12 December, 2019


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Atlantis Rising Magazine (Popularity: )
Archives and current info on Atlantis, ancient mysteries, alternative science, UFOs, free energy, Egypt and the Pyramids. Latest issues available free and complete in PDF format Discovering & Preserving America's Ancient Past. (Popularity: )
200 Iroquois, Sioux, Mississippian, mounds and earthworks photographed. Did Biblical Giants once inhabit North America and the British Isles? 200 Historical accounts of Giant Skeletons found.

When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis (Popularity: )
Colorful 20-page (linear) article that proposes Antarctica as the site of Atlantis, destroyed by a pole-shift. An extension of Hapgood's work.

Perished Nations (Popularity: )
Reviews past societies which in the Islamic tradition were destroyed because of their rebellion against Allah starting with Nuh's Flood. Includes maps, satellite images, and histories.

The Nebra Sky Disc (Popularity: )
An alternative interpretation of the Nebra Sky Disc.

The Great Pyramid (Popularity: )
Tries to explain the scientific, philosophical, and divine revelations of the Great Pyramid, as a biblical, chronological device.

The Official Robert Lomas Website (Popularity: )
The bestselling author Robert Lomas' official website, featuring in-depth information on his books, including additional linked material and resources.

Ancient Celtic New Zealand (Popularity: )
A book about New Zealand, of an archaeo-astronomical nature, concerning ancient Celtic, pre-Polynesian inhabitants, showing stone and astronomical observatories that relate to Stonehenge.

The Ley Hunter Journal (Popularity: )
The longest running journal of geomancy and earth mysteries, ancient wisdom, landscapes and sacred sites. Now ceased publication, however their web site is still a comprehensive look at the subject

Age of Aquarius (Popularity: )
Organized to establish an Aquarian Age Congress, to adopt new calendars for the Aquarian Age; to adopt new star maps that will return us to our calendrical roots, put us ...

Ancient American (Popularity: )
Magazine presenting unorthodox views of the prehistory of the Americas, focusing on the early arrival of people from Europe, Africa, the far East and Polynesia.

Hancock, Graham (Popularity: )
The official Graham Hancock site, in which the author aims to document evidences for lost civilizations.

Gasper, William (Popularity: )
Author of the Celestial Clock, predicting a new Ice Age in 2012.

Bible Discoveries (Popularity: )
Articles on biblical antiquities and ancient writings by T.V. Oommen.

Vortex Maps (Popularity: )
Daniel Shaw asks whether megaliths world-wide were built to the same geometric plan. Sells geometric and visionary maps and books on alignment of sacred sites.

Planet X and the Sumarians (Popularity: )
An alternative theory website containing information of many aspects of ancient astronaut research. The site is mainly important for the substantial amount of information on ancient Sumaria.

Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association (Popularity: )
A popular approach to the topic, with amateur articles submitted by users and a picture tour. Embraces both mainstream news stories and amateur theories.

The Nazca Lines (Popularity: )
Evidence suggesting that the Nazca Lines and geoglyphs were an ancient Peruvian religious response to the so-called "Eye of God" that is manifested during total solar eclipses.

Earth Rod (Popularity: )
A documentary fim company based interested in megalithic landscapes. Photo gallery, art gallery, mazes.

Alford, Alan F (Popularity: )
The official website of Alan F. Alford, author of books covering ancient mythology, mysticism and the origin of world religions.

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