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Tuesday, 23 July, 2019


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Cryogenic Processing of Materials

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York Cryogenics (Popularity: )
Deep cryogenic processing of heat-treated steel, carbide, machine parts, auto parts, firearms, musical instruments, and some plastics. In York, PA.

TechSpec, Inc. Cryogenic Treatment Center (Popularity: )
TechSpec Inc. is a Deep Cryogenic Treatment Center, which improves the performance of musical instruments, tools, dies, guns, golf clubs, bearings, engines, hammermills, and rotors. In Kansas City MO.

Cryopro Temper-Master (Popularity: )
Temper-Master cryogenic processor manufacturing and tempering. Improves durability and performance of tools, musical instruments, and gun barrels. In Springfield, MO.

Cryotron (Canada) Ltd. (Popularity: )
Cryogenic processing of equipment. Has a nicely detailed overview of the company's Vari-Cold cryogenic process and equipment. In Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Leading Edge Cryogenics, Inc. (Popularity: )
Leading Edge Cryogenics has pioneered cryogenic process engineering, with three patents on the process used to treat spark plugs, brake pads, and orthopedic devices. In Camp Verde, Arizona.

CryoPlus Inc. (Popularity: )
Cryogenic treatment of all metal tooling, stamping dies, gun barrels, engine components, brass instruments. To make them more wear resistant. In Wooster, Ohio.

300 Below, Inc. (Popularity: )
Cryogenic treatment (deep tempering) for motor sports, firearms, softball bats, golf clubs, and musical instruments. In Decatur, IL.

Diversified Cryogenics (Popularity: )
Cryogenic Processing improves the life of your guns, engines, instruments, and tools. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Cryogenics Of Indiana (Popularity: )
We saved the City of Indianapolis over $150.000 last year by Cryogenically treating the brake drums and rotors on squad cars, fire trucks and big city trucks. We can save ...

Cryogenics (Popularity: )
The technique of cryogenic processing is an inexpensive method that improves the physical and mechanical properties of materials such as metals, plastics and composites.

Metal Science Services (Popularity: )
Computer-controlled cryogenic processing and heat treating services that enhance steel performance for tooling, motor sports, knives, and firearms. Site also explains the science supporting cryogenic processing. In Driftwood TX.

Cryogenics International Cryogenic Systems and Processing (Popularity: )
Cryogenics International manufactures deep cryogenic treatment systems and provides cryogenic processing for automotive racing engines, tools, musical instruments, etc. In Scottsdale, AZ

Future Technology Services Inc. (Popularity: )
Cryogenic processing of tools, sports equipment, etc. at -120 and -300 Deg. Also offers service in thin film industrial coatings. In Lapeer, Michigan.

U. S. Cryogenics, LLC (Popularity: )
U. S. Cryogenics, headquartered in Nashville, TN, provides computer controlled cryogenic treatment of metals and other materials, extending the life of tooling and wear parts. U. S. Cryogenics recently partnered ...

Integrated Cryogenic Systems Inc. (Popularity: )
A cryogenic tempering treatment company that increases the life of tools, equipment, parts and materials. In Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Records 1-15 of 15

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