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Thursday, 12 December, 2019


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Category:  Science » Social Sciences » Archaeology » Alternative UPDATE URL | REPORT BROKEN LINK - Giza Throne Theory

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Learn how and why the Giza Pyramids were built in dedication to Osiris.
Title: Home of the Giza Throne Theory, about Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu Pyramids and Osiris and pyramid construction

The Giza Throne Theory describes why and how the Giza Pyramids were built. A new theory of Ancient Egyptian Pyramid construction which explains how the Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu Pyramids were constructed.

Category: Isis - Sphinx - Pharaoh - Sirius - Alnitak - Egyptian Circle Symbol - Egyptian Circle - Orion\'s Belt - Orion Constellation - Orion Correlation - Sirius As Sphinx - Alnilam - Mintaka - Fourth Dynasty - Rostau - Sun God - Nephthys - Creation Myth - Pyramid Texts - Mound Of Osiris - Great Mansion - Bill Mcnulty

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