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Saturday, 22 February, 2020


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GENSON SURVEYING and ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS (GSEC) provides a wide range of construction, surveying and engineering services. It can undertake detailed Pre-Development and Pre-Engineering Studies, Planning and Design. It has also the capability to undertake the Design and Construction of small and medium-size Projects of its Clients.

To date, GSEC has (a) Eight (8) regular Survey Teams equipped with Trimble, Spectra Precision and Leica - brands of Total Stations, and four (4) units of Leica and Spectra Precison-brands of survey-grade Geodetic GPS; (b) Two (2) Construction Groups; (c) One (1) Real Estate Acquisition/Documentation Group; (d) Technical & Marketing Sales Group; and a (e) Pool of Associates / Consultants in different disciplines.

GSEC offers a full range of services which include the following:

Land Surveys:
* Legal Boundary Surveys
* Subdivision Surveys
* Verification Surveys
* Original / Re-Surveys
* Topographic Surveys
* Consolidation Surveys
* Project Control Surveys

Engineering Surveys:
* Global Positioning Surveys (GPS)
* Plan, Profile & Cross-Section Surveys
* Levelling/Alignment Surveys
* Special Detail Surveys
* Parcellary Surveys
* Volumetric Surveys
* Bathymetric / Hydro Surveys

Construction Surveys:
* Road Lay-Out Surveys
* Bridge / Dam Site Surveys
* Drainage Surveys
* Building Lay-Out Surveys
* As-Built / Structures Surveys
* Line and Grade Control Surveys
* Construction / Set-Out Surveys

Mining / Quarry Surveys:
* Production Sharing Agreement Surveys
* Small-Scale Mining / Quarry Surveys
* Regular Quarry Permit Surveys
* Special Permit Surveys
* Stockpile Surveys
* Commercial Sand & Gravel Surveys
* Industrial Sand & Gravel Permit Surveys

Construction Services:
* General Building Construction
* Road and Drainage Construction
* Plans, Designs and Estimates
* Detailed Engineering

Other Services:
* Real Estate Documentation & Research
* Real Estate Brokerage & Marketing
* Geotechrical / Geological Investigations
* Preparation of FS and ECC

Our Subsidiaries:

GENSON Enterprises (GENT):

Dealer Of:
* Global Positioning System (GPS)
* Surveying Instruments & Accessories
* Laboratory & Precision Instruments

Distributor / Reseller Of:
* CADian Software Products & Applications
* ASVIC Mech-Q Software Products
* EaglePoint Software

Please contact us at:
Surveying * Construction * Realty Development * Consultancy

Hernan Cortes Street, Casuntingan,
Mandaue City 6014, Cebu, Philippines
Tel. : +63(32) 345-6559
Tel./Fax : +63(32) 345-6560
Direct Line : +63(32) 420-7688

Email us at:

Customer Service: (Office Hours) (After Office)

Sales & Marketing:

Visit us at our Website:
Title: GENSON Surveying & Engineering Consultants

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