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Wednesday, 19 June, 2019


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Einstein's theory of relativity in new physical model or theory of the fabric our world and the parallel words.

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It is restoration of website . In 2002 y., the website has described many general discoveries, which were got to present days in physics, and it was made long before the official publications.
This work in 2002 y. described the next things in physics:
- it was first in creating theoretical model of pilot wave De Broglie for elementary particle, and its model was copied in artificial simulation of the pilot wave in laboratories, now. See introduction of this website. Artificial simulation of the pilot wave has explained all quantum effects of the elementary particles. Therefore, this model will give integration of theory of relativity, and quantum physics in the future.
- in 2002, it had described physical nature of parallel spaces and nature of dark energy. The work has shown how dark energy influences on our world.
- long before the official discovery of Higgs boson, the work has described wave property of Higgs boson, and on basis it, the work uncovers nature of gravitational force and Newton force.
- the work shows a hidden symmetry between light quantum and elementary particles, and reveals true nature of time. It explains reason why all we exist at present moment of time between the past and the future.
- this work gives new law for balance of energies of the masses at inelastic collision.
Title: Elimination of internal contradictions of special theory of relativity. Higgs boson in model of pilot wave according to ideas of de Broglie.

Work explains the postulates of relativity and hidden essence of time, space, and matter in new physical model according to ideas de Broglie for pilot wave. The work gives the beginning to consolidation of theory of relativity, and quantum physics to the general theory.

Category: Poshelaev - Nature Of Time - Wave Nature Of Higgs Boson - Higgs Boson And Newton’s Force - Nature Of Pilot Wave Elementary Particles - Special Theory Of Relativity - Pilot Wave - Nature Of Einstein’s Postulates - De Broglie - Quantum Theory And The Theory Of Relativity - Lorentz-transformations - Lorentz-invariance - Dark Energy - Parallel Space - Energy Of Parallel Space

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