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Saturday, 29 February, 2020


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Sites for: Einsteins Theory Of Relativity

Einsteins Theory Of Relativity

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OpenGL Relativistic Spacetime Project (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.90)
A real time relativity simulator for Windows, Linux and OS/2, using OpenGL.
Category: Science\Physics\Relativity\Simulators

Modelling the Capture Theory for the Origin of Planetary Systems (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.89)
Complete S Oxley DPhil thesis available in several formats for this alternative theory of planetary formation, first proposed in 1964 by M M Woolfson.
Category: Science\Anomalies and Alternative Science\Astronomy, Alternative

The Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.86)
An attempt to explain every principle process that occurs in nature by introducing energetic matter as the basic element which builds wave formations.
Category: Science\Physics\Electromagnetism\Alternative

Economic and Game Theory Page (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.83)
Explores how interaction among intelligent, goal-seeking individuals determines social outcomes using the tools of modern economic theory. Provided by Dan Levine.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Economics\Game Theory

Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.82)
picks up where special relativity leaves off, including breaking the light speed barrier. Offers articles, book reviews, chat, polls, and more.
Category: Science\Physics\Organizations

Center for Gravitational Wave Physics (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.81)
One of 2 General Relativity Centers at Penn State University. This center is active with the LIGO Project.
Category: Science\Astronomy\Institutions\Observatories

Information Theory (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.76)
Site promotes activities in the areas of information and communications theory in Australia. Information about conferences and other such stuff.
Category: Science\Math\Applications\Information Theory

The Laymans Guide to Probability (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.67)
An in-depth but easily readable guide on probability theory, covering various aspects of theory with a bias to gambling games.
Category: Science\Math\Probability

Cosmodynamics -A global theory of Gravity derived from Expanding Space (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.64)
A free prepublication draft of a verifiable theory of gravitational cause and consequence derived from Einstein's "principle of equivalence"
Category: Science\Physics\Relativity\Alternative

Advances in Operator Theory (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.63)
The Advances in Operator Theory (AOT) is an international, open access (free of charge) and peer-reviewed journal published by the Tusi Math. Research Group (TMRG), the publisher of Banach J. ...
Category: Science\Math\Analysis\Functional Analysis

University of Durham - Centre for Particle Theory (CPT) (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.62)
The CPT researches many aspects of Particle Physics from phenomenology to string theory. The site gives an account of these activities, and details of current members of staff.
Category: Science\Physics\Particle\Research Groups

The Plasma Theory and Simulation Group (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.62)
Research group focused on plasma theory and computation. University of California at Berkeley, US.
Category: Science\Physics\Plasma\Groups

Gravitation Lab Home (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.61)
Emphasizes the possibility and the need to test "expanding matter" models of gravity in an Earthbased laboratory. This could be done with a modified Cavendish balance. Also explores theoretical underpinnings, ...
Category: Science\Physics\Alternative\Gravitation

The Official Superstring Theory Web Site (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.57)
A comprehensive site of information for non-scientists with an interest in superstring theory.
Category: Science\Physics\Quantum Mechanics\Quantum Field Theory

The Peter AhChing Theory on Polynesian Origins (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.52)
Genetics 2002 and PNAS 2000 Science article provide support for the Peter Ahching Theory based on Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Law as studied at University of Hawaii-Manoa.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Archaeology\Regional

Didactic Game Theory (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.46)
Provides the teacher of a basic course in Game Theory with free user-friendly didactic tools for conducting web-based thought experiments. Provides customizable exercises and subject response statistics. Constructed by Ariel ...
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Economics\Game Theory

Foundations Of Mathematics and Computation (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.43)
Abstract Stone Duality is a revolutionary direct axiomatisation of general topology and constructive real analysis that is inherently computable. Practical Foundations of Mathematics relates category theory and type theory to ...
Category: Science\Math\Algebra\Category Theory

Combinatorics and Graph Theory with Mathematica (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.37)
Combinatorica is a library of 230 functions turning Mathematica into a powerful tool for graph theory and combinatorics.
Category: Science\Math\Software\Mathematica

Pedagogic Aides to Quantum Field Theory (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.37)
This site provides pedagogic assistance on an introductory level for students learning quantum field theory.
Category: Science\Physics\Quantum Mechanics\Quantum Field Theory

Density functional theory in hydrodynamics (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.32)
Density functional theory in hydrodynamics of a multicomponent multiphase mixture: applications, videos, publications
Category: Science\Physics\Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics\Computational

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