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Wednesday, 29 January, 2020


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Sites for: Mathematics In19th And 20th Century

Mathematics In19th And 20th Century

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Mathematics Genealogy Project (Popularity: ) (Score: 13.36)
Aims to list information about everyone who has earned a doctorate in mathematics during the 20th century. This will allow mathematicians to trace their academic "family tree" and discover their ...
Category: Science\Math\Mathematicians\Directories

Old Technology (Popularity: ) (Score: 11.42)
Information for collectors and restorers of late 19th and early 20th century technology.
Category: Science\Technology\Invention and Innovation

Timeline of Physics (1896 to present) (Popularity: ) (Score: 11.14)
American Physical Society site explores developments in physics in the 20th century, along with their historical context.
Category: Science\Physics\History

Warwickshire Sites and Monuments Record (Popularity: ) (Score: 10.75)
A database of images and information about thousands of sites and finds in the county, dating from prehistory through to the 20th century. Discovery Zone for young people. Glossary.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Archaeology\Regional

The Electric Universe (Popularity: ) (Score: 10.60)
Physics knows four forces; 20th-century scientists were convinced that one of those, the electric force, played no macroscopic role in the Universe; site explains why that is incorrect.
Category: Science\Physics\Astrophysics

Technological Innovation in New Zealand (Popularity: ) (Score: 10.60)
The site tells stories about the technologies important to the New Zealand economy in the 20th Century. Most of these technologies were identified by the end of the First World ...
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Economics\Economic History

Eric Voegelin Institute (Popularity: ) (Score: 10.55)
Information and links related to the publications and activities of Eric Voegelin, a leading 20th century philosopher and political scientist at the University of Louisiana.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Political Science\Institutes

Century of Flight (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.70)
Covers the century of aviation, from ancient myths to the jet age. Provides pictures and narratives of each era.
Category: Science\Technology\Aerospace\Aeronautics

The Walters Art Museum (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.12)
This is the headquarters site for VMs-list, the primary mailing list for scholars attempting to read the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript. The list was started in 1991 by Jim Gillogly (then ...
Category: Science\Anomalies and Alternative Science\Voynich Manuscript

The Agriquest (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.11)
Agriculture is a science, art, practice and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, and its development has ...
Category: Science\Agriculture\Education

20th International Economic Conference IECS 2013 (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.02)
Papers may cover topics in Economics, Management, Marketing, Business, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Economic Informatics, bearing on the Conference theme. The Conference debates will be organized in specialized sessions, ...
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Economics\Conferences

Antique and Medieval Coins of Azerbaijan (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.81)
Coins minted or circulating in Azerbaijan from 4th century B.C.E. to 19th century C.E. Photos and short descriptions.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Archaeology\Regional

20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.65)
5 days, Barcelona, Spain
Category: Science\Technology\Energy\Conferences

Historica Botanica (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.58)
Includes profiles of botanists in the 19th and 20th centuries English speaking world.
Category: Science\Biology\Botany\Botanists

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.53)
aims to support the teaching and learning of mathematics by encouraging increased understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.
Category: Science\Math\Education\Associations

Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP) (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.31)
A national (UK) initiative based in Cambridge. Its broad goal is to help people of all ages and abilities share in the excitement of mathematics and understand the enormous range ...
Category: Science\Math\Education\Outreach

20th ESRI European User Conference (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.19)
Official conference website with current information about upcoming event.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Geography\Geographic Information Systems

International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.09)
IAEAC focuses on processes related to sample handling and detection of pesticides using biosensors and LC/MS. The 20th three day symposium will be held at Savannah, GA.
Category: Science\Chemistry\Analytical\Associations

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.87)
A non-profit organization created to promote the improvement of mathematics teacher education in all its aspects. Based at the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education, San Diego State ...
Category: Science\Math\Education\Associations

Foundations Of Mathematics and Computation (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.80)
Abstract Stone Duality is a revolutionary direct axiomatisation of general topology and constructive real analysis that is inherently computable. Practical Foundations of Mathematics relates category theory and type theory to ...
Category: Science\Math\Algebra\Category Theory

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