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Tuesday, 19 June, 2018


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Mice Serum

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The Jackson Laboratory (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.61)
We are an independent, nonprofit organization focusing on mammalian genetics research to advance human health. Our mission is to discover the genetic basis for preventing, treating and curing human disease, ...
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics

The Binding Site (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.24)
Products include autoimmune, MMP, immunoglobulins, serum proteins, and animal reagents.
Category: Science\Biology\Products and Services\Reagents and Kits

Immunolex ApS (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.96)
Established 1996, in collaboration with Statens Serum Institut to exploit research and development in immunoassays through, at Copenhagen, Denmark.
Category: Science\Biology\Immunology\Products and Services

Porex (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.74)
Products include pipette tips, sample collection, blood serum filters, test tubes, storage tubes.
Category: Science\Instruments and Supplies\Laboratory Equipment\Pipettors, Automatic and Manual

Biochrom AG. (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.63)
Culture media, sterile solutions, supplements and fetal bovine serum. Includes login and ordering, contacts for international partners and corporate overview of manufacturer in Berlin, Germany.
Category: Science\Biology\Cell Biology\Products and Services

BeFutur Biotechnologies (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.63)
Company conducts research using autologous human cells in a serum free medium to treat incurable diseases. The results propose possible new treatments for regeneration of diseased tissues.
Category: Science\Biology\Biotechnology\Stem Cells

Ozgene (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.52)
Commercial venture established to produce genetically modified mice. Includes an overview of services, research and development, and publications. Location : Australia
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics\Eukaryotic

CePower Ltd. (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.45)
Overview of hybridoma development, monoclonal antibody production, protein purification and adaption of cell lines on serum-free media offered by spin-off company of the University of Applied Science in W├Ądenswil, Switzerland.
Category: Science\Biology\Cell Biology\Products and Services

Taconic Animal Models (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.45)
Taconic is a commercial supplier of transgenic mice and rats. No custom production offered.
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics\Eukaryotic

Cytotech ApS (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.34)
Offers animal and normal human cell systems, growth factors, detaching agent, sera and serum-free customized media and supplements. Also Angiogenesis kit, Japanese, UK distributors and contacts in Hellebaek, Denmark.
Category: Science\Biology\Cell Biology\Products and Services (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.33)
A scientific collaboration for mouse mutant research. Includes a database of mutant mice available for phenotypic screening, and a listing of laboratories.
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics\Eukaryotic

BioReference (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.33)
Unannotated links to 16 online biology books, 19 annual review titles, about 70 individual journal titles, and 4 knockout mice databases.
Category: Science\Biology\Reference

genOway (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.20)
Developing transgenic in vivo and in vitro models: DNA microinjections, knock-out and knock-in mice, embryonic stem cell differentiation, inducible and conditional systems.
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics\Eukaryotic

Pocono Rabbit Farm and Laboratory, Inc. (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.05)
Custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production using rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, rats, sheep, mice and chickens. Includes products and services available, contact addresses and a FAQs page.
Category: Science\Biology\Products and Services\Reagents and Kits

Wildlife Damage Control (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.02)
Extensive information on the responsible management of damage caused by raccoons, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, opossums, beavers, woodchucks, coyotes, moles, voles, mice, and pigeons.
Category: Science\Agriculture\Pests and Diseases\Animal Pests

Alzet Osmotic Pumps (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.97)
Miniature, implantable infusion pumps for continuous administration of test agents in laboratory animals (as small as mice) at controlled rates from one day to four weeks without the need for ...
Category: Science\Technology\Biomedical Engineering\Laboratory Equipment

Express Biotech International (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.88)
Products include catalog for cytokine arrays, direct telomerase detection assays, geldanamycin, mice and rat assays and retroviral antibodies. Offers custom cDNA expression libraries, from Thurmont, Maryland.
Category: Science\Biology\Biochemistry and Molecular Biology\Products and Services

Hammond Cell Tech (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.88)
Supplier of cell culture reagents for serum-free cell culture of primary cells, including stem cells, with specialty in bovine pituitary extract sourced from US or New Zealand. Located in Healdsburg, ...
Category: Science\Biology\Cell Biology\Products and Services

Transgenic Animal Service of Queensland (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.79)
Service run by the University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Biosciences which provides transgenic mice and other related services for Australian Science.
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics\Eukaryotic

CMHD ENU Mutagenesis (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.75)
Centre for Modeling Human Disease (CMHD) use genome-wide ENU based random mutagenesis in mice to discover new genes and create new mouse models.
Category: Science\Biology\Genetics\Eukaryotic

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