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Tuesday, 18 February, 2020


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Sites for: Personality Assessment Inventory

Personality Assessment Inventory

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Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) (Popularity: ) (Score: 14.73)
a collegial organization dedicated to the advancement of professional personality assessment.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

The ORA Personality Profiler (Popularity: ) (Score: 12.54)
Offers for a fee an online comprehensive analysis of not only Psychological Type, but also Temperament, Trait, and the Five-Factor Model of Personality in one assessment
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Discover Your Personality (Popularity: ) (Score: 11.10)
Offers the Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory and FIRO-B tests.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Potentiality (Popularity: ) (Score: 9.36)
Books, ebooks, and courses on personality assessment for new dates or long term relationships, career, employee selection, personal success, and entertainment.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Alternative

A & M Psychometrics, LLC (Popularity: ) (Score: 9.24)
Provider of employment testing, personnel selection, assessment center, and employee survey solutions, including the Performance Perspectives Inventory.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Tests and Testing

careerXact (Popularity: ) (Score: 9.20)
Online career assessment tool that matches career seekers with their most suitable employers, based on personality and interests.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Industrial and Organizational (Popularity: ) (Score: 9.15)
Brain-based personality assessment. Free individual report. Advanced individual analysis and match-up reports with other people also available.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Tests and Testing (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.94)
Online marketplace for professional users of personality type. Offers resources for understanding and applying the 16 personality types and related personality models which include: Keirseyian Temperament Theory, Berens' Interaction Style ...
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Institute for Personality and Ability Testing (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.85)
Offers the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PFTM).
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Great Ideas in Personality (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.83)
This website deals with scientific research programs on the psychology of personality.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Typology.Net (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.77)
A graphical guide to the Four Temperaments and 16 MBTI Personality Types. Presents pictographs of each personality type.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Personality Quiz (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.67)
A variety of fun personality tests that provide analysis and advice by interpreting the user's answers to various questions and events.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

The Personality Project (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.62)
A guide for those interested in personality theory and research, including readings, abstracts, and links, maintained by Bill Revelle at NWU.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Graphic Insight (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.44)
Offers detailed descriptions of personality from handwriting analysis. Includes services, personality games and tests, famous profiles, courses, e-books and newsletter.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Alternative

Inventory Management (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.23)
Providing solutions for materials engineering, inventory management and purchasing control for small to mid size companies.
Category: Science\Technology\Software for Engineering\Companies

Center for Applications of Psychological Type (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.18)
Offers qualifying, certification, and advanced education training for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment tool. Publishes books, materials, and other instruments related to the MBTI and psychological type.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Finding the Love of Your Life (Popularity: ) (Score: 8.00)
Offers a personality profile as a tool to reveal compatibility, emotional development level and natural preferences for specific personality type. Identifies positive and negative traits. Reveals mismatch and complement levels.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.84)
with over 2,800 members, the Society is the largest organization of social and personality psychologists in the world.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Personality

Evolution of Social Behavior in Primates: Personality Traits (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.80)
Theory based on Mendelian genetics predicts that personality traits can be traced in ancestral hominid lineages. Reference to non-human primates. A. M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Evolutionary Psychology

AM Products Inc (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.69)
Maintenance software featuring order forms, cost control, inventory, and history. For preventive maintenance schedules, detailed equipment data, work orders, inventory, purchasing, tracking, cost analysis.
Category: Science\Software\Maintenance Management

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