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Thursday, 21 November, 2019


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Sites for: Why Do Humans Stop Growing

Why Do Humans Stop Growing

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(UK) ICCS - Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.84)
An institute at the University of Edinburgh that focuses on research on communication among humans and between humans and machines using text, speech, and graphics, and the design of interactive ...
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Linguistics\Computational Linguistics

Microscope Small (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.66)
A complete source for microscopes, One-Stop-Shop for all china microscopes. With fast shipping, great customer service, 100% price guarantees and our safe shopping, has quickly become the one stop ...
Category: Science\Medical Science\Microbiology and Virology

The Growing Edge (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.47)
A bimonthly magazine dedicated to hydroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouse growing. Provides a wealth of free information for soilless growers.
Category: Science\Agriculture\Horticulture\Hydroponics

Vermi-Plex Inc. (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.42)
Business opportunity information, worm growing incubators, geodesic dome greenhouse kits and hydroponic growing systems.
Category: Science\Agriculture\Animals\Worms

The Stone - what can be done in dry stone walling system (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.24)
Stone encloses cultivated surfaces, thus also limiting them. Stone is a nuisance for plants which provide fodder for animals and food for humans. Fields have to be cleared. Stones picked ...
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Urban and Regional Planning

Hydroponic Growing Simplifies Plantation (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.23)
Hydroponics growing is a system to grow big fat plants with rich organic nutrients. The nutrient is fed to the plant to get high valued and high yielding crops throughout ...
Category: Science\Agriculture\Aquaculture

Hydroponics Growing Systems In UK (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.18)
Hydroponics has many advantages then soil gardening. If you want indoor gardening then hydroponics is the best latest techniques. The development speed on a hydroponics plant is 80 to 50% ...
Category: Science\Agriculture\Horticulture\Hydroponics

Crystal Growing (Popularity: ) (Score: 7.13)
Sell lab-grown mineral crystals of various kinds, as well as provide products for collecting and growing crystals.
Category: Science\Earth Sciences\Geology\Rocks and Minerals

Northern California Daffodil Society (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.78)
Growing and enjoying daffodils. Inside you will find bulb sources and growing tips exclusive to Northern California.
Category: Science\Biology\Botany

Christian Ecology (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.59)
In 1967, historian Lynn White published a now famous piece entitled The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis. White, himself a Christian, concluded that many of our environmental problems could ...
Category: Science\Environment\Environmental Monitoring

The Biological Explanation Of The Human Condition (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.38)
Why are we the way we are? Can science explain our contradictory nature? Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species connected humans with nature, but since then biology has been stalled, ...
Category: Science\Biology\Evolution\Human

Animal Rights and Vegetarian Ethics (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.36)
There is a big distinction between the situation when a lion eats meat, and the situation when a human eats meat. Lions can not decide to live on grain and ...
Category: Science\Biology\Zoology

Growing African Violets at School (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.35)
Provides kids, teachers and volunteers an on-line information service about growing African Violets at school.
Category: Science\Biology\Education\Teaching Resources

Agricultural Problems now solved Environmentally (Popularity: ) (Score: 6.19)
Dust Stop is perfect for suppressing dust particles of any size including the notorious PM 10 and PM 2.5 particulates. To get an idea of how small these particles are, ...
Category: Science\Agriculture\Sustainable Agriculture\Organic Farming (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.86)
Help stop LitterButts by reporting license plates of violators.
Category: Science\Environment\Pollution Prevention and Recycling

Growing Native (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.77)
Guide to growing California native plants and bringing wildlife to your garden. A complete resource for landscaping and gardening native California plants and wildflowers, gardening and tips on plant ecology, ...
Category: Science\Biology\Botany

eFluids (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.74)
A one-stop internet resource for fluid dynamics and flow engineering professionals
Category: Science\Physics\Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics

Stop (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.74)
Information about the inaccuracy of polygraphs, and documentation of abuses, especially by US Secret Service.
Category: Science\Social Sciences\Psychology\Forensics and Law

Project VeriPage (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.68)
Your one stop source for Verilog Programming Language Interface (PLI) resources
Category: Science\Technology\Electronics\Design

eMicroNano (Popularity: ) (Score: 5.68)
A free one-stop information resource for bio-, micro-, and nano-fluidic systems.
Category: Science\Physics\Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics

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